Achiote by Neill Catangay

Achiote by Neill Catangay
Achiote by Neill Catangay
Artwork Title: Achiote
Description:  Achiote plant
Medium:  Acrylic
Size: 11.5  x 12.5 ”
About the Artist
Neill Catangay | Class of 2017
Neill Jordan Frianeza Catangay is a Filipino artist born and raised in Guam.  He works primarily with acrylic on canvas and wood panel and employs various techniques such as staining, glazing, and scraping with a palette knife to achieve different textures in his paintings.  He is a painter best known for his dark and graphic landscapes with supernatural creatures but he also creates paintings that reflect the beautiful flora of the island, such as this painting of the local achiote plant. He is currently enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art pursuing an MFA in Painting.