We plan to offer textbooks for sale online in the near future. In the meantime, please follow the links below for our current textbook prices for the Fañomnåkan 2019 Semester.

Fanuchånan (Aug. - Dec.) 2019 Textbook Lists

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

College of Natural and Applied Sciences 

School of Business and Public Administration

School of Education

School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Fanuchånan (Aug. - Dec.) 2019 Buyback Listing

NOTE: The textbooks listed are from faculty who requested for the bookstore to have certain quantities in stock for students to purchase. If your course number or instructor is not on the lists above, you will need to either contact the instructor directly to obtain the textbook requirements or request assistance from the bookstore in obtaining textbook information. Once obtained from the instructor, please provide the textbook information to the bookstore. If a book is not in stock, the bookstore can place an order online. Please note it usually takes about 1-3 weeks for ordered books to arrive at the bookstore.   

For more information, contact the Triton Bookstore at (671) 735-2931 or email