A Moment to Breathe by Johnathan Barber

A Moment to Breathe by Johnathan Barber
A Moment to Breathe by Johnathan Barber
Artwork Title: A Moment to Breathe
Description:  Black and white photograph with female figure
Medium: Photography
Size: 24 x 30” (approximate)
About the Artist
Johnathan Barber | Class of 2016
As described by the artist:  “At an early age I developed a love for the outdoors, the ocean and adventure that would stick with me throughout my life and would later be reflected in the artwork I produce. My journey into photography first started when I was in high school when I got my hands on a camera and began taking pictures of whatever I would see. Over the years my love for photography grew and while in college I continued to improve my craft later redirecting my academic focus into the fine arts. Today I strive to produce beautiful images that give viewers a glimpse into the beauty of the outdoors and island life. 
As a photographer my favorite subject to shoot is the ocean and the lifestyles centered on it. These artworks I have presented in the ‘Connections, Collaborations and Innovations in the Pacific’ exhibit all in some way point to our island’s cultural, environmental and spiritual relationship to water and reflect the important connections that are made with one another through it. To me these photographs speak of rediscovery of past culture and traditions, how we as islanders build relationships that are kindled through our oceans natural resources, and the importance of our islands fragile reef ecosystem in the present and looking towards the future. In my life so many relationships have been built on activities in our waters. More significant for me is the sharing of culture and knowledge that happens on the ocean. While these images may speak something different to each viewer my hope is that everyone can see how we are all connected as Pacific Islanders through our waters.”