Shameless by Snyder Macaraeg

Shameless by Snyder Macaraeg
Shameless by Snyder Macaraeg
Artwork Title: Shameless
Description:  Face on glass
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 10 ½ x 13 ½ “
About the Artist
Snyder Macaraeg | Class of 2016
Snyder Macaraeg focuses on capturing the beauty of a woman, which to him, is the greatest work of art. His contemporary realistic style is achieved in acrylics with the use of bold colors, close-up imagery and sensual strokes all encompassed within large unstretched canvases and, more recently, glass. His pieces are attempts to emulate the emotional and sexual beauty possessed by a woman using direct influences and references from his personal life. He is known for his recurring floral themes with lips that serve as complimentary tropes that complete his strong and passionate subjects. 
In the past year, Snyder has ventured into the world of mural art and has been commissioned for both private and public murals. A few of his works can currently be seen at The Hive and Coffee Slut.